About The Brown Chronicles

There is a parcel delivery service that which is brown to man. It is a delivery service as vast as the world it synchronizes commerce in. It is the middle ground between sender and receiver, between business and customer, your package lies between the unloader of trailers and the loader of others. This is a delivery service of the unbelievable. It is an area we call the Brown Zone.

Employees traverse the guard shack with the flash of their ID. Beyond it is another building – a place full of incompetence, a workplace of the poorly trained, a wacky place of work. They’re working on a shop floor of both harassment and intimidation, of weird things and uncanny ideas. They’ve just crossed over into the Brown Zone.

The Brown Chronicles are the stories from inside the Brown Zone. These are the funny and not so funny stories from inside a real building of a major parcel shipping company whose favorite color is brown. Do you know which one I am talking about? Find out what brown does for you, its employees and that priceless heirloom from grandma.

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