You’ve Just Crossed Over Into the Brown Zone

Do you ever feel that you work in the Twilight Zone? It is a place where nothing meets with your concept of reality? Is it a work environment full of bizarre happenings, strange occurrences and unbelievable stupidity?

The type of workplace where roughly the same thing happens each and every night but the management team can’t seem to figure out why it all goes wrong. It is a workplace that proclaims to emphasize safety but continues to be unsafe. A business where the managers tell you that your job is to provide “customer service,” yet anything goes when it is the end of the night or week and they just want to go home.

Do you work in a place like that? Well I do.

There is a parcel delivery service that which is brown to man. It is a delivery service as vast as the world it synchronizes commerce in. It is the middle ground between sender and receiver, between business and customer, your package lies between the unloader of trailers and the loader of others. This is a delivery service of the unbelievable. It is an area we call the Brown Zone.

Employees traverse the guard shack with the flash of their ID. Beyond it is another building – a place full of incompetence, a workplace of the poorly trained, a wacky place of work. They’re working on a shop floor of both harassment and intimidation, of weird things and uncanny ideas. They’ve just crossed over into the Brown Zone.

You seal up your package with a tape gun. Brown is your delivery service – a delivery service that can be unsound, a delivery service that is out of sight, a delivery service that boggles the mind. Your package is moving into the land of both conveyor belts and package cars, of carts and hand trucks. Your package just crossed over into the Brown Zone.

Your package is traveling down another conveyor, a conveyor not only of envelopes and boxes but of the peculiar; a journey into a fantastical warehouse with the ability to misdirect. That’s a brown truck up ahead – the next stop, the Brown Zone.

Here you will find the chronicles of the unbelievable, the funny and the just plain stupid. These are the stories of the goings on from just one building inside the Brown Zone.

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